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How does Dolby Atmos work?

From music and movies to podcasters and game developers, Dolby Atmos allows creatives everywhere to place each sound exactly where they want it to go, creating a more realistic and immersive audio experience. Audio designed to have the sound seem as though it is coming from all around you.

No matter what type of entertainment you’ll be listening to in
Dolby ATMOS, it is guaranteed to give you an audible experience like no other! At Fab Factory studios we feature two state-of-the-art Dolby Certified ATMOS rooms, featuring PMC speaker systems, Dolby renderers and Avid MTRX interfaces.

Studio a

Dolby certified 11.1.6 ATMOS stage with a State-of-the-art PMC monitoring system, an AVID S6 board, Christie 4k projector with a transparent screen, Dolby certified renderer, and a dual-operator setup. This room is specifically geared towards post-production mixes of all formats but is more than capable of ATMOS music mixing in any format. The stage will be TPN Certified for the highest level of security.
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Fab Factory Studio 1 is a Dolby-certified 9.1.4 ATMOS Reference room capable of mixing music and post-production at the highest level, for nearly every ATMOS Nearfield format including 9.1.4, 7.1.4 and beyond.