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Renowned Artists from Every Genre

Fab Factory Studios was designed with clients in mind. Our passion for sound is matched only by our dedication to our clients. We are proud to have worked with icons in nearly every music genre. We have opened our studio doors to everyone from rising stars cutting their first tracks, to best-selling platinum artists.

With unsurpassed sound quality, dynamic acoustics, easy-access to vintage mics and equipment, a calming environment, and ever-growing capacity, Fab Factory Studios is unlike any other. Affordable pricing opens the door to a broad spectrum of clients, ensuring everyone gets a chance to make incredible music.

Writers, Artists & Mixers

They All Love Fab Factory Studios

“it is one of the best sounding studio he has ever been in!”
Hanging with Shaun Fabos at his SICK studio, Fab Factory Studios in the valley! He expertly built it himself and knows his stuff about acoustic treatment, so the spot sounds INCREDIBLE. He just helped me finish treating my own studio too! Great sound, great service and great vibes so look no further for a studio to book. Thanks so much for your help Shaun!
- Bonnie McKee | Writer for Katy Perry
“This room was everything we needed “
- The Chainsmokers

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At Fab Factory Studios, we believe that music is the heart and soul of Los Angeles, and we are thrilled to offer an incredible space at an affordable price. Nothing should get in the way of making extraordinary music.
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Fab Factory Studios

7240 Fulton Avenue
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