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“When I was at Fab Factory Studios I was on the ACT’s all day….”


“When I was at the Fab Factory I was on the ACT’s all day….”

Dave Pensado Interview & Fab Factory Studios Tour – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

This week we had the opportunity to tour Fab Factory Recording Studio and speak with each of the fantastic engineers working there–including the wonderful Dave Pensado! The Fab Factory is a 4-room, 3-booth studio owned by Shaun Fabos. Right away, clients and visitors (like ourselves!) are struck by the “vibe” of the space. Art covers the walls of the reception and lounge areas, and the studio actually doubles as a gallery exhibiting twice yearly. Shaun ensures that the Fab Factory feels creative at all times, allowing artists to do their best work in a comfortable space.

Pensado and Fabos Go All Augspurger With Vintage King

“Fab Factory was launched in late 2016 with help from Vintage King Audio providing monitors for rooms tailored to the needs of top mixers Dave Pensado and studio co-founder Shaun Fabos”
– Mix Online


“Purpose, Passion and Dedication: Shaun Fabos, who launched The Fab Factory in August, is clear about his ultimate mission with the one-of-a-kind North Hollywood-based recording facility.”
– Music Connection

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At Fab Factory Studios, we believe that music is the heart and soul of Los Angeles, and we are thrilled to offer an incredible space at an affordable price. Nothing should get in the way of making extraordinary music.
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