Fab Factory
Los Angeles, California

A studio with superior sound quality, technology, and art at the forefront. From initial
inspiration to recording, mixing, and producing  state-of-the-art
equipment, get ready to enter a space  won’t feel like leaving.

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Los Angeles Mixing & Recording Studio

About Us

Owned and operated by Steve and Shaun Fabos, Fab Factory was inspired by their mutual love of music and all things artistic. After setting out to create a space to mix their own sound, they decided to open their studio to other passionate artists to express themselves. Constantly evolving since 2016, they’ve managed to create an environment tailored to inspire.

Their goal was to create a studio that was completely unique. The 30,000 square foot lot was in slight disrepair. However, with their artistic drives and a laser-focused vision, they were able to achieve a workspace that exceeds expectations and offers top quality sound. With the help of talented family and friends, Steve and Shaun have been able produce an ever-changing space that oozes creativity - both indoors and out. You may stumble across one of the stellar-designed lounge areas to take a break and recharge your creativity. The Spanish-style garden offers yet another relaxing and beautiful area to unwind. No matter where you look, you’ll find inspiration.

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Our Studio

Why Choose Us?

Fab Factory not only offers top quality tech, but also a top quality environment to make for the creative space of an artist’s dream. Our studio is always growing, catering to the newest technology to provide you with the experience you want and need. Enjoy advanced studio equipment including a world class, premium Dolby ATMOS studio featuring some of the latest, most powerful high fidelity monitors from PMC.

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