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About Fab Factory Studios

Our purpose is to help artists, mixers, and producers achieve the highest levels of sound quality at Fab Factory Studios. Music is our world, and we are passionate about helping artists--young and old--make incredible music to share.

With this in mind, we have created a one-of-a-kind space designed for luxury and comfort. From the minute you walk in our doors, the gallery-like feel of our studio will strike you. Professional art, modern light fixtures, and inviting lounge areas set the vibe. Vintage outboards, world-class acoustics, and first-rate equipment set the standard.

Are you ready to achieve unparalleled sound? Look no further than Fab Factory Studios. Proudly serving North Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area, our studio was designed by veteran mixer Shaun Fabos, Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado, and other industry legends to bring music back to life.

With four rental rooms and three booths available, Fab Factory Studios has it all. Whether you’re a novice mixer or industry superstar, we have everything you need. Indulge in a studio that was created for artists, mixers, engineers, and producers.

We care about more than just providing a great space. We’re here to give you an experience and a vibe unlike any other.

Shaun Fabos

CEO of Fab Factory Studios
Shaun Fabos brings to the table a career that has contributed to everything from major motion pictures to platinum artists. His experience includes mixing and producing for Missy Elliot, Post Malone, Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn, Jamecia Bennet, Alicia Madison, Tina DeCara, and many more.

I want Fab Factory to be known for creating a space that all artists love - from the vibe to the sound quality - and know that I want to always help the artist, for real, by giving this at a realistic price. I built this cutting-edge facility with the highest standards for mixing and production.” – Shaun Fabos.

Our Services

Fab Factory Studios continues on its quest to expand and evolve, always focused on creating a non-intimidating environment for collaboration and innovation. Unlike other studios, the space is anything but cold and sterile. The vision for the studio was to produce a space where people are inspired, relaxed, and able to generate tremendous sound.

Services we currently offer include: 

  • Room Rental – Four separate rooms available for mixing, producing, and writing sessions. Each room is equipped with top of the line gear, monitors, and speakers. 
  • Live Recording Space – A live recording space large enough to handle a full band is available to book.

 Clients are able to work with an all-star team of mixers, engineers, and producers that have worked with the biggest names in the industry.

 What Sets Us Apart

 Fab Factory Studios is never stagnant. Always evolving and progressing, the studio is designed with clients in mind. Our goal is to create a music community – one that lends itself to people coming together to create and inspire each other. We believe in music and are passionate about helping others establish their sound.

 We know that money can be an issue and an obstacle for young artists, which is why our rental rates are one-tenth of our competitors'. The Fab Factory was founded with a mission to provide people with an opportunity to create music in a space unlike any other.

Writers, Artists & Mixers

They All Love Fab Factory Studios

“it is one of the best sounding studios I've ever been in!”
Hanging with Shaun Fabos at his SICK studio, Fab Factory Studios in the valley! He expertly built it himself and knows his stuff about acoustic treatment, so the spot sounds INCREDIBLE. He just helped me finish treating my own studio too! Great sound, great service and great vibes so look no further for a studio to book. Thanks so much for your help Shaun!
- Bonnie McKee | Writer for Katy Perry
“This room was everything we needed “
- The Chainsmokers

The Factory

Our Facilities

Our one-of-a-kind, contemporary studio offers both room rentals and a live recording space. Opulence meets relaxation in each of our uniquely designed rooms. Each space was designed with artists in mind.

Our facilities include: 

  • Lobby – Decadent and eclectic, our lobby is made to lounge—modern art featuring icons from every era line the halls while low-key lighting provides a calming mood. Enter the kitchen featuring a stone backsplash and complimentary coffee.

  • Rental rooms – Our four rental rooms are equipped with world-class gear. Each one offers a little something different, catering to the needs of artists, mixers, and producers alike.
  • Live recording space – Record live at Fab Factory Studios with high-tech, ultramodern equipment designed with artists in mind.

Ready to Get Started?

At Fab Factory Studios, we believe that music is the heart and soul of Los Angeles, and we are thrilled to offer an incredible space at an affordable price. Nothing should get in the way of making extraordinary music.
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Fab Factory Studios

7240 Fulton Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605

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